BAB 003 – Babonneau Apartment



This 7 bedroom, 4 and a half bath house, is set on approximately 7,715 sq ft of land. It is located in the quiet area of Babonneau.

The house enjoys pleasant views of the distant Caribbean Sea, which provides constant fresh breeze; keeping the house cool at all times.

This newly renovated property has been divided into two (3) self contained good sized apartments. The properties are easily accessible from the main highway.

Both Ground floor apartments have a large open plan living area, with two large bedrooms. The top floor consists of 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and is beautifully designed and well furnished.

It is in close proximity to the main road, with a ten (10) minutes drive to all major shopping and entertainment. The property is very pleasant, clean and easily maintained in a good location.


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