Step out of the monotone craziness of the ubiquitous, and indulge in the transformative, eco-friendly experience that is the Lookout Marigot Bay. Conceptualized and lovingly designed with St. Lucia’s flora and fauna as its inspiration, this unique property commands one of the most impressive ocean views on the island. Set on ~12,500 sq. ft. of ocean-facing hilltop, Lookout Marigot Bay enjoys a 270 unobstructed view of the Caribbean Sea.

In keeping with its desire to impact upon its natural surroundings as little as possible, Lookout is built completely out of stone indigenous to the area. This property also features 18 solar panels on the roof, which provides all the power needs. It features a lift to take you from the carport to the property itself. The top floor comprises an impressive 1,000 square feet of extremely innovative open plan living and sleeping area, while underneath there is huge potential for further development which would add at least three bedrooms, storage rooms, two bathrooms and a large sitting area/kitchen with outside deck. The main infrastructure for this potential development is already in place. The advantage is that you can complete your dream home at minimum expense to your own design.

Water for the property is supplied by Mother Nature herself: Rainwater is collected in water tanks and double-filtered for domestic use. It is actually cleaner than bottled or tap water.
Treehouse Marigot Bay is a property that is devoted to eco-friendliness. An example of this is the use of reclaimed pallet wood in constructing and decorating the kitchen, with the end result being quite striking and beautiful. Strategically placed fishponds help control annoying insects, yet another example of this property’s devotion to eco-friendliness.

This is the perfect space for sitting on deck chairs, catching the final rays of the sunset, watching the waves rolling in as the local fisherman work their nets and the magnificent frigate birds cruise effortlessly on the gentle Caribbean breezes… all the while sipping rum and fruit cocktails.


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