RDB211C – “Tequila Joe’s” property



Previously known as “Tequila Joe’s” this property is an ideal investment and is situated directly in the heart of Rodney bay. The property was designed and built with the intention to have a unique appeal. It is a very sturdy wooden structure that has been beautifully designed.

This multi-leveled architecture is very spacious on the interior. The floors are also wooden which gives it a Texan/Western atmosphere. The veranda that surrounds the upper dining area is made up of hand-designed steel, which adds diversity to the look.

The balcony area, which has been used for dining, lets in lots of natural light during the day. Not only is this property in the ideal location, It can be clearly seen from the main road. Amenities such as banks, shopping malls, villas and hotels are readily available in the Rodney Bay area.

This property sits on 15,500 square feet of land. Over all, this property has been built in a very busy and relaxing environment. This is the ideal income generating property in the ideal location and would make a great investment for the discerning owner.



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