RDB214C – Razmataz Restaurant



Rarely does a property on the Rodney Bay strip become available for sale.

Razmataz Tandoori Restaurant, comprising a total of 12,540 sq. ft. of land and building/structures situated at Rodney Bay (freehold interest), directly opposite the Rex St. Lucian hotel.

The restaurant has operated as a successful Indian tandoori restaurant from its inception, due to its great reputation for food and prime location.

In addition to the restaurant, there are 2 self-contained, 1-bedroom apartments to the rear as well as a stand-alone cozy 3-bedroom cottage. All units have been used for vacation rentals and have been occupied consistently due to the price point and location being so close to the beach and other restaurants and nightlife the area has to offer.

Main Restaurant area 3541 sq. ft.

Residential area, 1,768 sq. ft.

The property is being sold as a turnkey business and will include all of the following:

Food and Beverage Stock

➢ Furniture (including serving tables, chairs, and other seating), Furnishings, and moveable


➢ Maintenance Equipment/Garden Tools/Horticultural Plants

➢ Utensils, appliances, cutlery, computers, ornaments, T.V. sets, office material, etc.

➢ Kitchen equipment / metal tables / prep stations

➢ Company Goodwill (reputation of restaurant’s past track record/market presence)

This is a gem of a property and with the build and development of the new hotel just across the road and the general growth of the area, property values in the area will only go up from here.


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